29 December 2012

The Beirut Manifesto

At the Heart of Beirut, there is its people. 
We are Beirut & its diversity. Embrace those you disagree with.  Discuss & Carry out a fair debate. How dull is a place where everybody agrees, where all noses look the same, where religion is 1 & you can't celebrate 18. 
Beirut is far from being perfect, yet, we love Beirut.
But, what is a city without its inhabitants? Work for your city, work with your city. It is where you breathe, walk, dance, play, eat, love & live. It is where you are. it is you & you are it. 
A city transforms slowly, take part in its evolution. Do what you love & do it right. Appreciate Beirut's heritage & learn from its history. Feel the chemistry between the city & the people; Nothing is gone or forgotten, our past is shaping our present ; How we live today, shapes the Beirut of tomorrow.
Get to know all of Beirut, the city of plenty is yours.

Celine K.

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