16 October 2014

Bright Living room: Beirut Inspired

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about a wedding return gift personalized project I worked on this summer as part of SCENE's approach to dealing one on one with the clients when creating personalized products.

Here I worked on this interior, starting with a daybed style couch reminiscent of the traditional Levantine common room. First we discussed the color palette we will be using having brown as our base yet moving away from the traditional. We mixed and matched bright orange, blue, pink and green with the brown to create a fresh and modern living space, of course inspired by Lebanese pop culture and using the signature Calligraphy element of SCENE

11 October 2014

SCENE products now available worldwide through Lebelik.com

I am excited to Let you know that SCENE Beirut is now available worldwide!

Lebelik is an online shopping platform specialized in getting Lebanese Designers' products  available everywhere, from fashion and accessories to home collection, and I couldn't recommend enough their good service.

"SCENE" recently joined LEBELIK website and you can check the collection on that link:

It will soon be expanding so keep coming back every once in a while, as surprises and new products await. Here are some screen shots of the SCENE Beirut page on Lebelik.

02 October 2014

Arabic Wedding Logo and Return Gifts Calligraphy

The final Logo as seen on the labels
Ralph and Edith, a young couple living in Paris and from Lebanese parents wanted an Arabic and Modern logo to use on their wedding invitation card and table tents.

Draft of logos

Final 6 options

Handprinted fabric ready to be made into bags by the skilled craftsmen
 As a return gift to their invitees and friends, we came up with the couple with a personalized choice of an Ipad bag / clutch using three shades of blue, with the sentence "Today we drink and tomorrow is serious" calligraphed in Arabic and handprinted on the front. The names logo was also printed in the lower left corner on the back of the bags.

personalized wedding bags with arabic calligraphy
The bag

While the woman version has a handle, the man's version is a handle free
ipad bag with dark tones of blue and a black print.
Three bags using 3 shades of blue

Wishing the newly weds happiness all the way!

Seems like Arabic calligraphy is finally getting the attention it deserves with George Clooney accessorizing at his wedding with cufflinks, which were a gift from Amal and had 'George' inscribed on them in Arabic.