10 November 2009

Woman 1 - Woman 2 - Woman 3

for a better view i am re-posting the illustrations of the triptych one after the other, thou I like them more side by side.

(quite a change in emotions after the cute calendar girl, Lola.)


Triptych - illustration, scans and photoshop.

15 September 2009

Let's go do nothing

On a boat going to Paros, Greece... the ease of holidays; People sleep, drink coffee, hold hands, look at the horizon or... take photos, almost doing nothing to spend time on a boat before getting to the Island's beaches and spend time abundantly, doing nothing. Almost.

04 June 2009


For what happens if the things i see start fading
becoming memories
(cherished memories) 
                                         or just another forgotten day
Trying to stop, stop everything
Failing to stop, stop everything

and I go

01 June 2009

Elections at the most surprising places

First, Ellina always have sexy ads on this turn of the damascus highway, usually it is a sexy female body with some not so sexy lingerie. This is their latest ad, Perfectly Wild ad, Perfectly out of place, Perfectly vulgar. Second, did Salam Maamari, a candidate for a Aley seat in the parliament, or his supporters really had to have his poster in that (close) spot?

Surprise! just out of nowhere from the middle of the last green spot of the mountain, a huge Unipole.

26 May 2009

Family Trip

I was in a car behind, and thought "3 people on a motorbike, that can be dangerous", though this is not very uncommon in Beirut.

then we decided to skip that slow vehicle and stay away from possible trouble... surprise it is 5 people on board!

21 May 2009

خلّيني مدبرس مبسوط

خلّيني مدبرس مبسوط
لشو الإزعاج، ما أنا هيك مرتاح
شو ضروري كل يوم إضحك،
وإفرح وإسهر و...ما هوي لازم اكسر الروتين
بكم يوم احباط... وبيمشي الحال

حلْ عني اذا بتعمل معروف
خلّيني وحدي مدبرس مبسوط
بوكرا شي نهار بدق إلك
منضهر، منضحك، منسهر منفرح
بس مش اليوم
خلّيها لغير نهار
دخيل عرضك بس متكون
بفترة إحباط وحدك وتقول
خلّيني مدبرس مبسوط

معقول حسّ بإزعاج 

Fashion Victims Confined in a Window

Presentation & Representation:
Plastic that resembles Reality that is Plastic