09 March 2014

Road trip across the USA - notebook scans

Those date from Summer of 2011, when I went the long way across the USA to finally meet my sister in Fayetteville. I just stumbled on the notebook lately, and it revived many good memories. One of the best trips I ever had.
My route, when there is no airplane illustration, means it was done by Bus : Beirut - New York - Washington DC - Pittsburg - Columbus - Chicago - Seattle - San Franscisco - Los Angeles - Fayetteville - Beirut. 

Read more, eat less: Only complimentary soft drinks when flying internal American flights

Bus travel on the highway between two states. Front seat, 2nd floor deck.

How do you go faster on train station stairs? throw the bag down instead of carrying it.

travel essentials: Map and camera.

laying comfortable in public space: something I miss in Beirut

facing the MET in NYC