31 December 2012

SCENE Beirut at Afkart Lebanese Designers Exhibition

Jeans Beirut Bags - Good for everyday!

The Beirut Map T-shirt

Some of the products available at the exhibition

The HEART BEIRUT pendant

With The Beirut Manifesto Tote bag
With The Beirut Manifesto Tote bag

29 December 2012

The Beirut Manifesto

At the Heart of Beirut, there is its people. 
We are Beirut & its diversity. Embrace those you disagree with.  Discuss & Carry out a fair debate. How dull is a place where everybody agrees, where all noses look the same, where religion is 1 & you can't celebrate 18. 
Beirut is far from being perfect, yet, we love Beirut.
But, what is a city without its inhabitants? Work for your city, work with your city. It is where you breathe, walk, dance, play, eat, love & live. It is where you are. it is you & you are it. 
A city transforms slowly, take part in its evolution. Do what you love & do it right. Appreciate Beirut's heritage & learn from its history. Feel the chemistry between the city & the people; Nothing is gone or forgotten, our past is shaping our present ; How we live today, shapes the Beirut of tomorrow.
Get to know all of Beirut, the city of plenty is yours.

Celine K.