19 October 2010

Virtual man decides to go visit the virtual city

Snapshot of a Virtual man in a real village (Rejmeh, Lebanon) wearing the same pants but different shirts, let's say, on 2 consecutive days.

Virtual man wearing a white shirt goes to a virtual city were the trees are aligned but not the buildings. In the virtual city, people have big TV screens with bad or scrambled signal;

Snapshot of the virtual man turning his back to the TV screen.

Virtual man dreams, but dreams are virtual.

15 October 2010


Print this WATER IS LIFE IS WATER Sticker for your kitchen or bathroom
as a reminder to close the running tap water when you do not need it.

(Today is blog action day)

29 September 2010

Virtual Happy Couple in their 50s

Snapshot of Virtual Happy Couple in their 50s in a virtual setting.

Snapshot of Virtual Happy Couple in their 50s during virtual holidays to Moscow in front of St Basil Church (Real setting)

27 July 2010

Seasons and a 5th for no reason

The great thing about scribbling is that I scribble and afterwards I see what I actually did. Sometimes, I would just keep it as it is, here, I put some color on using photoshop, emphasizing things more.
So, among many other things, ... it's obviously a landscape of somewhere where pigs are happier then birds and where if you happened to look up you actually see the reassuring smiling face (even if he's raining)

14 July 2010

Virtual Family Portrait

Virtual Family Snapshot all members looking OK

Virtual Family Portrait during a trip to the Cedars

Virtual Family Portrait in the Virtual Living Room

31 May 2010

Zeina's Key Chain

...And I do have a useless key too in my already heavy key chain

10 May 2010

Auto-portrait (without a Mirror)

I draw myself drawing myself while waiting at the dentist's for my turn. Sorry, nothing was more inspiring then my feet in this room!

29 April 2010

Snap Shot Scenes

I started a new photo blog, with some thoughts on the city, space and people that come across my path, you can check that out here

25 February 2010

Three Kites

Three kites, Three people, Three mountains and an infinity of sky and ocean.

27 January 2010

Heart pulling machine pushing hand to action.

sometimes, rarely, you feel that everything is possible, it is then that you should act, fast, before that feeling fades.

18 January 2010

Absolut Greece

Today winter started for real in Lebanon.
Weather forecast: one week heavy rain... so I stayed home (with my laptop), going thru past photos,
summer photos (I do not seem to be missing winter at all, sorry earth!) and holidays in Greece.
For Athenians, their islands are the best place to spend summer; and I do agree.
... Thus, winter time exercise is Absolut Greece. YEY!

02 January 2010

You Can't Face Willem, You can't quit.

Christmas comes with a lot of gifts and wrappings,
this cardboard came wrapping a wine glass coming with the bottle in a box.
Laid on the table it reminded me of a "W" thus came the following:

Then, I started experimenting and looking for shapes and letters,
 trying to make sense of it all. so,...
do not let Willem (De Kooning or Dafoe) get to you,
you have got to do what you have got to do.