17 April 2012

The actor walked out

Saturday night, some actors were acting how they acted 
during that night time of year; 
Shouting into the dark void, out in the cold, calling onto the Lord
to take his son in, and maybe them later on, on board. 
Our main actor, however, that same night, decided 
to walk out on that part.
Tonight, he said, I will be part of another 
gathering crowd, 
play, act
The observer was observing all the dancers in the act.
Our main actor have been acting, dancing 
for a while
drinking dancing listening moving, 
that was the other act.
No one saw the observer standing
in the shadow of the concrete pole
Yet, the watcher was observed by one acting dancer on the floor,
the observer seeing plenty, did not see the seeing dancer:
our main actor.