25 September 2012

Souvenir from Beirut - The Scene | س Bags and T-shirts

As I have already mentioned in a previous post, I have launched a brand inspired from Beirut, yet similar to the city itself, the brand mixes oriental and occidental pop culture and identity.
I am very excited to present you the first products that are ready with some inside scoops about the illustrations and designs!

 These tote Bags are double sided, offering more versatility in their everyday use, with one side having "Beirut" written in interlacing Arabic Kufi letters 4 times on the pocket; I love designing with Kufi letters, they are very geometrical. The bags are produced in limited editions with different colors.

copyright Celine Khairallah -
Double sided bags
souvenir from Beirut

Also, celebrating Beirut are these loose t-shirts available in red, grey, yellow and pink.
They are now at La T-shirterie shop in Ashrafieh - Tabaris, on the online shop, or contact me for a visit to my workshop.