20 November 2013

SCENE Beirut @ Al Souk - London ; The Arab Art and Design Concept Store

I am happy to share some photos (source) from the Opening of Al Souk in London - part of Nour Festival for the Arts.
The exhibition was at Graffik Gallery from Nov 14th till the 21st., Moving next week to the famous The Tabernacle from Nov. 25th till Dec. 1st.

SCENE Beirut is exhibiting a new selection of limited edition colorful cushions, Poufs and Bags, available for the first time in London.
Bobo Macarons at the opening

Suzel Pitty, curator of the Nour Festival 2013 and Maxime Duda organizer of Al Souk-London at the opening of Al Souk at Graffik Gallery.

Scene Beirut Ipad Cases on Display

15 October 2013

12 October 2013

The new Scene Beirut bags

I have just received the edition of 10 bags all silkscreened with different Arabic calligraphy prints. These are statement bag for the peaceful thinkers.

EL-ANN bag (El-ann means Now in Arabic)
SALAM (Peace)

01 September 2013

Arabic Calligraphy Wedding Logo instead of a Monogram

arabic wedding calligraphy logo
Mirna/Seth arabic calligraphy Logo : mixing pixel art inspiration and arabic Kufi letters. 

arabic wedding calligraphy logo
The invitation Card, the Logo embossed on the Front flip and patterned on the emvelop.

arabic wedding calligraphy logo coasters
The logo was also used to produce the colorful coasters distributed as gifts for the invitees.

03 July 2013

SCENE - Beirut at the BEIRUT DESIGN WEEK 2013

SCENE's new BEIRUT Heart Pouf and coasters 

New Pouches and Coasters available at Artisan du Liban and La T-shirterie

NEWCOMERS EXHIBITION during the Beirut Design Week 2013 - Works by Nadeen Khatoun (Fashion) and Ghassan Salemeh (Lighting)  also showing.
The 11 Newcomers exhibiting at the Beirut Design Week 2013 at Atelier NS - June 25th to 30th 2013 
Press: The Daily Star's Article
Press: The Daily Star's Article

Press: Agenda Culturel