18 December 2008

Garderie Le P'ti Nid Rénovée

Du Lundi au Vendredi, toujours au meme emplacement, chaque jour une case differente.

"Si bébé ne parle pas, bébé pense et apprend!"

...et voila ce que pense Luna et Jojo du P'ti Nid.

02 December 2008

Lifting of the logo of the P'ti Nid daycare

The main request for this lifting was to have less orange (due to the political connotation of the color) and change the typo while keeping the same logo.

20 November 2008

Saturday Morning Walk

When you are an old lady walking at the corniche with a cane in one hand, a bent back, and eyes that can only see what is in front of them, you think and you remember your youth... you remember when you could jog and when you had that gorgeous body ....

11 November 2008

Logo Transformation

Theme 2007 logo for the cultural discussions program taking place throughout the year.

22 July 2008

Cover - photo collage

Cover Palmares 2007 - 2008.
It was fun taking the photos with the children:
1...2...3...jump! 1...2...3...jump!1...2...3...jump! 1...2...3...jump!1...2...3...jump!