14 December 2011

Launching of SCENE | س

 My scarce posting lately on this blog and on SnapShotScenes is mostly due to my endeavoring around Beirut busy streets making actual products of my illustrations and prototypes.

Scene |س is the place, the object, the product, the brand,... where I put my entrepreneurial adventure together with my design and illustration and love for Beirut.

Scene | س , a new Lebanese Brand focusing on beiruty scenery and Arabic typography.

to be continued...

08 December 2011

حرّية و حياة - Posters : Freedom and Life

Spread the revolution from the walls of your home.

(Order your prints with the sizes you want)
These posters and more will be available during our "Follow the Red Balloon" Fair from 16 Dec. to 20 Dec. at Hazmieh centre Mallat, Centre Libanais de L'image. Come! 
Facebook Event : https://www.facebook.com/events/268707483182190/

These posters got featured in Kalimat magazine, who define themselves as challenging the status quo,  See it in issue 04, page 75, yet be sure to check the whole magazine online here. Recommended.