17 April 2012

The actor walked out

Saturday night, some actors were acting how they acted 
during that night time of year; 
Shouting into the dark void, out in the cold, calling onto the Lord
to take his son in, and maybe them later on, on board. 
Our main actor, however, that same night, decided 
to walk out on that part.
Tonight, he said, I will be part of another 
gathering crowd, 
play, act
The observer was observing all the dancers in the act.
Our main actor have been acting, dancing 
for a while
drinking dancing listening moving, 
that was the other act.
No one saw the observer standing
in the shadow of the concrete pole
Yet, the watcher was observed by one acting dancer on the floor,
the observer seeing plenty, did not see the seeing dancer:
our main actor.
The participant observer seeing one bystander
danced a loop around the pole, stood behind the observer:
long sleeves, thick jacket, the observer hasn't danced.
for the sweat filled the air, 
from all the beat following, body moving swaying actors.
The spectator was still being observed;
Would he talk? would he drink? would he take part in the show?
would he talk what he saw, what he thought of the night?
The observer of the spectator hesitated in his act,
unsure the bystander would take part and share his facts.
The watcher finally moved; would he dance or take a shot?
he took the stairs going out, leaving our observer
realize that it was too late 
to act that part out.
Should he run catch the one audience up on the street?
Since he was part of the act, our observer stayed
so he re-entered the floor of all the dancing actors
unobserved anymore,
danced a few, moved a few, 
Took a bow, kissed goodbye, 
Hugged the sweat, went up the stairs 
Scattered rain filled the air,
walked to the car, the breeze was nice, 
yet the time was not anymore to contemplate and see and feel.
to the car, to the bed, closed the eyes.

Celine Khairallah

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