03 June 2020

Launching of my Etsy Shop! introducing SCENE Studio Works

Lovers of Arabic Calligraphy, Lebanon, patterns and Letters in all Languages, I would like to introduce to you my new Etsy Shop : SCENE Studio Works
Repetitively and over the years I have received numerous emails and messages on my Lebanese design business and passion SCENE Beirut (https://www.facebook.com/SceneBeirut/) asking if I deliver worldwide, and for the longest time I had to decline, well not anymore, As of October 2019, I have little by little built a small Etsy Shop dedicated to Arabic Calligraphy apparel for women, men and Children, in addition to mugs and posters of my calligraphy art. Lately I have been also selling SCENE Beirut Jewelry but I am sometimes late on the postings, so if you have any requests to not hesitate to contact me here or on https://www.facebook.com/SCENE.StudioWorks or instagram https://www.instagram.com/PatternLetter/ messaging. I have so many ideas, only need the time to do them and put them up of the store, so please send me a message if you have any requests. Great thing is that now I can ship anywhere and at competitive pricing thus offering some items with free shipping when possible :) so head over to https://www.scenestudioworks.etsy.com and hope you love what you see

Nehna Wel Amar Jiran Poster

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