05 August 2014

Behind the SCENE : New bags getting made!

The old radio is always on
everything is done by hand using a few simple tools.

It's been a while I did not blog, but I have always wanted to share photos of the production phase, so today I got the chance to make some photos of the craftsmen at work. Their knowledge and experience are a great asset to SCENE Beirut - my brand, and to myself.

One of the thrills (and there are many!) of creating a new product is that discussion with the craftsman and the synergy in translating designs into high quality unique pieces. And the energy of work is just wonderful.
There you can see the importance of a short chain in the production process, from the idea to the finishing, all can be amended on the spot.
The attention to details is primordial for every piece, one by one they are all made by hand with care and pride.

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