26 November 2016

Website www.scenebeirut.com is online

This blog helped me so much when I first started, it has been slow lately mainly because I have ventured  into creating my own brand "SCENE - Beirut" - Lebanese inspired bags and accessories among other things- and its e-commerce website www.scenebeirut.com.
While most of the conversation moved to Facebook and Facebook page, I still like to consider this blog as a repository where many of my activities are stored on a timeline. It kind of keeps me focused and I find it easy to come back to.

If you got a few minutes, please visit the new website, for now it is mainly for Lebanese Based clients, as cash on delivery is the main payment way, but soon a card payment gateway will be added and shopping from the site will become possible from anywhere.
If you are located in some of the Arab Countries, for a small extra fee, we can also do cash on delivery or bank transfer shopping, the good old way.
Take a look, let me know what you think, it is a work in progress that keeps growing.
Thank you for passing by :)

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